The uncanny resemblance of the right stone column to Yogi Bear® provided the inspiration for our name, Hotel Paraiso del Oso (Paradise of the Bear.
The tranquil courtyard invites you to sit back, visit with your neighbors and enjoy life to its fullest--while lazing away!
Clean, bright, and attractive, Rooms at the Oso need no televisions nor telephones to distract you.
The inviting, bright, open lobby encourages guests to relax and to browse Indian and Mestizo relics or to enjoy books from our library.

Hotel Paraiso del Oso Rated the top hotel in the Copper Canyon region based on unsolicited guest comments--Trip Advisor,



No visit to Cerocahui is complete without a stop at the Tarahumara girl's school. Many of these girls rely on the Oso to help continue their education beyond Sixth grade.

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The Hotel Paraiso del Oso stands tall in the field of Copper Canyon hospitality. Services at the Oso are distinguished by true caring found only where the owners take an active part in the day to day operation. Guests arrive as strangers and leave feeling like family.

Hospitality begins with a traditional hacienda design which insures privacy and comfort. The lobby features an eclectic collection of Tarahumara Indian relics, ranching and cowboy relics, and personal heirlooms that we share with our guests. Many of the items on display no longer exist elsewhere, not even in museums.

The outdoor patio is a wonderful place to sit, relax and enjoy spectacular views. Did we forget to mention our unique outdoor eating and party area where warm weather sees us preparing traditional Northern Mexican meals unique to our Hotel.

Check our our hotel photo tour, as you can see our rooms are clean, bright, cool, in summer, and warm in winter. Sure we have a fully-stocked bar and the best food of any Hotel in the region. But there is a difference. In the bar and at meals, you generally sit with one or both owners and when you leave the Oso, you feel like part of our family.

Twenty-one rooms make the Oso one of the smaller tourist-class hotels in the region. It is also one of the friendliest hotels where the staff strives not only to please you, but to share culture, language and experience. The Oso specializes in smaller special-interest groups and in individual travelers with a zest for life and a desire to learn. The courtyard is a good place to watch hummingbirds, spend a little time in the sun, or catch up on some overdue time in a hammock. We offer a relaxing countryside setting free from the distractions that disrupt modern life. There are no radios, television, or telephones. However, for those who have the need to communicate, we are the only hotel with wireless Internet access, but only in the hotel's lobby and bar—no fair sneaking off to your room to try to communicate!


As with all hotels, we offer international fare but we go beyond that with home-made apple pies, Indian tacos, Mexican and border plates (but not too spicy!). Grandma's recipe for sticky buns is a hit at most breakfasts and breakfasts are prepared to your order. Special diets are no problem for us, just let you know your needs ahead of time, and vegetarians, don't worry, we keep textured vegetable protein on hand and offer safe salads .



With over 230 bird species sighted, the Oso is a destination for birders and birding groups. Rare is the birder who does not increase the life list with additions such as the Mountain or Elegant Trogon, The Eared Quetzal (Trogon), Lilac Crowned Parrot, Military Macaw, or White-striped Wood Creeper. Hummingbird feeders regularly attract up to 11 species!


The Southeast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA) reported their visit to the Oso as the best field trip ever. Click on the above button for a list of their finds.

Copper Canyon Information

Copper Canyon pueblo histories, geology, a railroad log, lists of birds, ferns, moths and butterflies, reptiles and amphibians, wildflowers, trees, and much, much more this area presents information collected over decades.

Community Service

The Oso is distinguished by a strong sense of community service. We've worked on medical missions, started and manage a large scholarship program, work so closely with our Tarahumara neighbors that we have served as fiesteros at remote ranchitos where. outsiders were neither invited nor wanted. We're proud of our community involvement.


 Hoteles y posadas
$120 USD single occupancy
$185 USD double occupancy
$240 USD triple occupancy
$300 USD quadruple occupancy
$30 USD children (6-13 years ea.)
Included are all meals and transfers to and from the Bahuichivo Train Station