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The following list is an initial attempt to identify mammals of the area. The list is probably complete for larger mammals but much field work needs to be done to identify species of smaller mammals such as mice, voles, shrews, rats, and bats. We welcome qualified researchers who would like to work on identification of these smaller mammals. Follow the link on your left  to see a picture of some of these mammals.

Common Name - English

Local Name - Spanish

Scientific Name

Opossum Mapache Didelphis marsupialis
Mole Tusa -
Wstern Pipistrel Bat Murcielago Pipistrellus hesperus
Vampire Bat Vampiro Diphylla ecaudata
Mexican Freetail Bat Murcielago Tadarida brasiliensis
Black Bear Oso Negro Ursus americanus
Raccoon Tejon Procyon lotor
Ringtail Cat Calcomixtle Bassariocus astutus
Coatimundi Cholugo Nasua narica
Badger Solitario Taxidea taxus
Stripped skunk Zorillo Mephitis mephitis
Hognose skunk Zorillo Conepatus leuconotus
Coyote Coyote Canis latrans
Gray Fox Zorra Arocyn cinereoargenteus
Jaguar Onza Felis Onca
Mountain lion Leon venadero Felix concolor
Ocelot Tigrillo Felix pardalis
Bobcat Gato montes Lynx rufus
Rock squirrel Ardilla de piedra Citellus variegatus
Chipmunk Chichimoko -
Western gray squirrel Ardilla de pino Sciurus grisens
Nelson pocket mouse Raton Peregnathus nelsoni
House mouse Raton Mers musculus
White-throated woodrat Rata Neotoma albigula
Mexican woodrat Rata Neotoma mexicana
River Otter Nutria Myocaster coypus
Armadillo Armadilla Dasypus novemcintus
Blacktail jackrabbit Orejos liebres Lapus californicus
Eastern cottontail Conejo Sylvilagus polustris
Mule deer Venado burro Odocoileus hemionus
Whitetail deer Venado cola blanca Odocoileus virgianus

Notes: The black bear is virtually extinct in this area. There are infrequent, unconfirmed sightings of Mexican wolf in isolated areas near Reforma, in the westernmost part of Urique county. Jaguarundi cats almost certainly exist but we've no reported sightings.


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