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Participants of Mexican Mushroom Tours sighted 80 different species of mushrooms (hongos) during their late July, 2005 visit to the Oso. According to Technical leader Ricardo Valenzuela, at least one species was new to the country. Specimens were taken to the Mycological Laboratory of the National School of Biological Sciences in Mexico City where extensive microscopic study will be required to fully identify the many species collected. A list of these species has been posted below. 

A longer study would certainly identify additional species, the diversity of which changes almost daily during the rainy season. Ranchers and Tarahumara Indians eagerly await the annual rainy season to harvest several species of delicious edible mushrooms. Still, some of them were aghast at some species the group planned on eating. Rancher Reuben Lopez was convinced that eating a bright orange horn mushroom (Lobster) would prove fatal, “not even the animals eat them” he said. Reluctantly, cooks from the Oso prepared all hongos decreed edible by the group who ate them with relish and no ill effects. 

Our thanks to Gundi Jeffrey and Eric Portsomouth of Mexican Mushroom tours for bringing this group, they also lead tours to other areas of Mexico. Check out their website at


Mushroom Species Identified:

 JULIO 25, 2005
Amanita gemmata
Amanita cf ocreata
Amanita rubecens
Astreus hygrometricus
Auricularia aurícula
Boletus chrysenteron
Boletus subvelutipes
Hyphomyces lactiflorum
Lactarius lacteolutescens
Lactarius subdulcis
Psilocybe coprophyla
Schizophyllum umbrinum
Tylopilus felleus








JULIO 26, 2005
Agaricus silvaticus
Amanita gemmata
Amanita muscaria
Amanita cf tuluss
Amanita rubescens
Amanita virosa
Armillaria mellea
Boletellus russellii
Boletellus aff ivory
Boletus frostii
Boletus pinophylus
Boletus radicans
Boletus aff regius
Chroogomphus rutilans
Collybia confluens
Dermocybe sanguineus
Entoloma lividum
Entoloma sinuatum
Hygrophoropsis aurantiacum
Hypomyces lactiflorum
Laçaria amethystina
Lactarius delicius
Lactarius villosus
Lycoperdon umbrinum
Melanoleuca melanoleuca



Mycena leiana
Mycena pura
Panus strigosus
Pleurotus dryinus
Psilocybe coprophyla
Phellinus gilvus
Rhizopogon ochraceorubens
Rhizopogon subcaerulescens
Russula brevipes
Russula emetica
Russula foetentula
Suillus cfr brevipes
Suillus salmoneus
Suillus tomentosus
Tricholoma albobrunnea
Tricholoma flavovirens
Tricholoma imbricata
Tubifera aff ferruginea
Xeromphalina tenuipes
Xylaria hypoxylon






Amanita gemmatha

Amanita rubescens

Boletellus aff ivory








Boletus frostii

Hyphomyces lactiflorum

Lycoperdon sp.









Panus strigosus

Phellinus sarcites

Tylopilus felleus


























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