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For years I have unsuccessfully sought someone to do oral histories of the Copper Canyon region. Meanwhile many wonderful old-timers have passed away taking vital links with the past to the grave with them and leaving countless stories untold. Starting with the New Year, 2003, I resolved to do it myself before more of my friends “passed beyond the veil”.

 This section is my attempt to record what I can of the unique history and culture of the region. Although the interviews are with individuals, they are recorded with an eye towards preserving tidbits of a disappearing life-style.

 Consider the scribblings that follow as working drafts. Check back every month or so for additions and updates; I plan on visiting the subjects on other occasions and adding material that results from these visits. Read the writings and sift carefully to reveal precious gems of information unrecorded elsewhere. If you feel the writings are incomplete, I agree and invite skilled bilingual interviewers to come and help improve this simple start at documenting a culture soon to be lost.


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