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The following list is preliminary. We are eagerly seeking more information on the trees of the area and will help sponsor research studies. In all probability there are many new species awaiting to be discovered in these mountains, especially in the Oak family. This list covers only the higher elevations. Trees of the Thorn Forest are not included.


Apache Pine

Arizona Alder

Arizona Madroño (other species awaiting ID)

Arizona Cyprus

Arizona Walnut

Arizona Pine

Birchleaf Buckhorn

Black Oak

Bonpland Willow

Cedars (several species awaiting ID)

Chihuahua Ash

Chihuahua Pine

Douglas Fir

Hand Basin (Tarahumara) Oak

Lumholtz (Sad) Pine

Point leaf Manzanita

Unknown species of Manzanita

Netleaf Oak

One-seed Juniper

Quaking Aspen

Red Oak

Scrub Oak

Silver Leaf Oak

Southwestern (Mexican) White Pine

Southwestern Coralbean

White Oak



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