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Linda Ford at work

Linda Ford, Master Gardener from upstate New York, first visited the Hotel Paraiso del Oso in early October 2004.  She noted the vast profusion of wildflowers and asked about wildflower guidebook for the area.  When told that there was no guidebook, she decided to do one on her own. Linda identified 34 wildflower species during and after preliminary study done at the start of the flower season from mid to late August 2005.  

Linda returned in September 2006 at the peak of the wildflower season and was assisted by Ryan Hawkins, an Oso volunteer from Iowa.  She brought a first draft of her wildflower guide, and guests were eager to learn about the wildflowers in the area.  At her departure at the beginning of October, 53 new species have been studied and photographed.

To complete her research for the wildflower guide, Linda and Ryan returned again in September 2007.  This time they traveled up and down the canyons in order to study the most conspicuous wildflowers at different elevations.  At the conclusion of three years of study, Linda was now ready to prepare her research for publication with 123 species identified.

 A Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Mexico’s Copper Canyon Region was published and released in July 2009.  It is a user friendly guide 6” x 9” in size, color photographs, flowers listed in order of color, text and photographs together, and text in both English and Spanish.  In addition, there are sections about the Copper Canyon Region, including a map, and How to Get There.  You can order this guide for $24.95 plus shipping and handling at the author's website www.coppercanyonwildflowers.com

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to the Rota-Scholars Program www.rota-scholars.org which provides scholarships for Tarahumara and mestizo girls and boys.

Below are a few illustrative photographs taken from Linda's book. Following these photographs is a list of plants that have been identified to date according to color:

Bat-faced Monkey Flower
Cuphea llavea

Common Four O'clock
Mirabilis jalapa
Day Flower
Commelina tuberosa
Monarda citriodora
Mexican Bird of Paradise
Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Mexican Star
Milla biflora
Mexican Thistle
Eryngium lemmonii
Stenorrhynchus aurantiacus Wild Poinsettia
Euphorbia colorata



Mexican star, Milla biflora
Mexican thistle, Eryngium lemmonii

Calochortus venustus

Horsemint, Monarda citriodora
Pearly everlasting, Gnaphalium pringlei
Geranium wislizeni
Desert thorn apple, Datura discolor
Spider lily, Hymenocallis

Hairy beggarticks, Bidens pilosa
Erigeron fraternus
San Luis Mountain ipomopsis, Ipomopsis pinnata
Arizona bluecurls,
Trichostema arizonicum
Confituria, Lantana hispida
Huachuca Mountain stonecrop, Sedum stelliforme
Plummer’s candyleaf, Stevia plummerae
Crusea longiflora




Sisyrynchium pringlei
Mexican squawroot, Conopholis mexicana
Mexican zinnia, Zinnia angustifolia
Buffalo bur, Solanum rostratum 
Mexicana yellow star-grass, Hypoxis mexicana
Torrey’s craglily, Echeandia flavescens
Cuban jute, Sida rhombifolia
Helianthenum chihuahense
Arizona beggarticks, Bidens aurea
Yellow evening primrose, Oenothera flava
Arizona rosemallow, Hibiscus biseptus
Wright’s snakeweed, Gutierrezia wrightii
Polymnia maculata
Orange Zexmenia, Wedelia hispida
Mexican coneflower, Ratibida mexicana
Fivenerve helianthella, Helianthella quinquenervis
Smooththroat stoneseed, Lithospermum cobrense
Amicia zygomeris
Senna pallida

Trumpetbush, Tecoma stans
Seeman groundsel, Senecio carlomasonii
Hymenopappus palmeri



Stenorrhynchus aurantiacus
Mexican bird-of-paradise, Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Mexican catchfly, Silene laciniata
Red dahlia, Dahlia coccinea
Trans-Pecos Indian paintbrush, Castilleja nervata
Mexican shell flower, Trigridia pavonia
Castilleja stenophylla
Santa Catalina Indian paintbrush, Castilleja tenuiflora
Huachuca Indian paintbrush, Castilleja patriotica
Penstemon wislizeni
Wooly senna, Senna hirsuta
Sida ciliaris



Perennial wild poinsettia, Euphorbia colorata
Cinquefoil, Potentilla thurberi
Zinnia, Zinnia peruviana
Bat-faced monkey flower, Cuphea llavea
Scarlet sage, Stachys coccinea
Firecracker bush, Bouvardia ternifolia
Scarlet creeper, Ipomoea cristulata
Columbine, Aquilegia skinneri
Maycoba sage, Salvia betulifolia
Russelia sarmentosa
Penstemon apateticus
Penstemon roseus


Begonia, Begonia, gracilis
Chihuahua vervain, Verbena pinetorum

Tripogandra purpurascens

Basket flower, Centaurea americana
Morning glory, Ipomoea capillacea
Common four o'clock, Mirabilis jalapa

Crusea diversifolia, Crusea wrightii

Gomphrena decumbens
Mountain four o’clock, Mirabilis oblongifolia
Spurred anoda, Anoda cristata
Mexican evening primrose, Oenothera rosea
Crestrib morning glory, Ipomoea costellata
Cosmos linearifolius
Mexican aster, Cosmos bipinnatus
Fourwing evening primrose, Oenothera tetraptera
Perezia wislizeni
Iosotephane heterophylla
Purple scalystem, Elytraria imbricate
Cologania obovata
Agalinis peduncularis
Proboscidea fragrans

Pale giant hyssop, Agastache pallida
Lemmon’s sage, Salvia lemmonii
Lamourouxia viscosa
Tripogandra amplexicaulis

Santa Rita Mountain ticktrefoil, Desmodium retinens
Desmodium madrense
Salt spring checkerbloom, Sidalcea neomexicana
Butterly mist, Ageratum corymbosum
Cherry sage, Salvia microphylla
Mountain mock vervain, Glandularia elegans
Leaherleaf spiderwort, Tradescantia crassifolia




Widow’s tears,  Achimenes mexicana
Bellflower beardtongue, Penstemon campanulatus
Morning glory, Ipomoea hirsuta

Solanum houstonii

Blue mudplantain, Heteranthera limosa
Pinewoods spiderwort, Tradescantia pinetorum
Mountain wood sorrel, Oxalis alpina
Watermelon nightshade, Solanum citrullifolium
Ipomoea pedicellaris
Salvia muscarioides

Blue pygmyflower, Monnina wrightii
Salvia goldmanii
Salvia longispicata
Lupinus confusus

Lupinus montanus
Apache lobelia, Lobelia anatina
Spiked larkspur, Delphinium scopulorum
Sonoran  beardtongue, Penstemon stenophyllus
Common selfheal, Prunella vulgaris
Penstemon campanulatus subsp. chihuahuensis



Day flower, Commelina tuberosa
Eye of the viper, Evolvulus alsinoides

Slender dayflower, Commelina erecta





Note: The Oso provides subsidized rates to researchers doing study or research in this area. Contact us for details and Part of the list above follows - click on any image for an enlargement:

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